Medical Liability Reform Stalled by Tenth Amendment Advocates

Talking Points Memo asked the question: “Whatever happened to medical malpractice reform?” Despite being a high priority for House Leadership, the medical liability reform bill in the House, H.R. 5, has yet to make it to the floor for a vote.  As TPM points out:

The answer is that states’ rights advocates within the House GOP caucus have split from top Republicans on the lynchpin issue of whether the federal government should limit the amount that malpractice victims can sue doctors in a particular case, forcing party elders to shelve the bill.

This legislation is not only a concern for tenth amendment advocates; it is also a concern for patients and consumers.  H.R. 5 chips away at fundamental legal protections while doing nothing to address the very real and serious patient safety crisis in America.  If enacted, this bill would remove incentives to improve safety and leave more people at risk for more injuries from negligent care. 

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